24 April 2014:

Fast Start Program for 2014 Q1

Faro 2014 started with a nice kick-off with the launch of the Fast Start Program in Faro China. In season one, despite all the changes in orders and clients, Laura and Catherine, both from Suzhou office, remained the best performers who managed to rank the top 2 in the Fast Start Program. Laura and Catherine have been working in Faro Suzhou for over 4 years and are both now Sr. Consultants providing professional services for clients at high level. The Fast Start Program is aimed to motivate our staff to continue to pull in more billing, and Suzhou team is always driving for the best.

09 April 2014:

Faro Report 2014: China & Hong

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25 March 2014:

2014 Company trip to Seoul

Faro China’s company trip 2014 to Seoul, a beautiful modern city, was launched on Mar 20th with Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Suzhou Offices joining the three-day joyful retreat.

During the trip, everyone had a great time indulging themselves in the eye feast of famous scenic spots and the taste of authentic local delicacies, especially the well-known Korean Barbecue. Moreover, cohesion and team spirit among the Faro family were greatly strengthened through competitive games organized by Faro staffs.

At the dinner party, Mr. Masahiro Nishimura, President of Faro Recruitment Group made a brief speech where he summarized Faro China’s performance last year and expressed high expectations for all staffs in Year 2014.

We are looking forward to the next trip.

13 February 2014:

Relocation Notice of Faro
Recruitment Beijing Branch

Thank you very much for your persistent support for Faro Beijing Branch. Due to the business expansion, we will relocate to our new office on Jan 13, 2014, with contact details as follows:

Address: Unit 601, Sunjoy Mansion, 6 Ritan Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, CHINA

Tel: 8610-65270988

Fax: 8610-65270986

We appreciate your cooperation.

10 January 2014:

Faro wishes you a great year
of Horse

18 December 2011:

Christmas and New Years
Greetings from all of us

Faro wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a brilliant New Year!

In this holiday season, we would like to share our joy to all our clients, candidates and partners.

Enjoy a jolly winter holiday with your family and love ones.

We give our sincere thank you to all of our long-term partners and wishing all of you a fruitful 2012.

30 November 2011:

Faro Report 2012: Survey start

Revealing Hiring Manager’s Plan for 2012: Faro Survey 2012: Hong Kong & China

25 November 2011:

Faro Calendar 2012 for
our premium guests

When exquisite design meets practicability
To show gratitute to our loyal clients, Faro had especially designed a luxurious 2012 Calendar to our premium clients in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.
This special Calendar will be distribute via our consultant team to selected clients
during early December.
We give our sincere thank you to all of our long-term partners and wishing all of you a fruitful 2012.

28 March 2011:

Now Available: Faro Report 2012:
Hong Kong & China

Preliminary access: Salary & Hiring Trend for 2012/13 in both regions has been revealed, get your copy now.

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15 January 2011:

Faro Recruitment wishes you
a great new year of Dragon

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